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Hear it from Regional Brand Managers

VF Brands has engaged Envis8ge to manage our Social Media content and media buy for Kipling Singapore; as well as collaborative ads for Philippines and Malaysia. As we sought to increase our brand awareness and online sales in the New Normal world, Envis8ge has been instrumental in planning and crafting quality content for our audiences. They’ve also supported us in our push for Facebook Live events, Personal Shopper Concierge on WhatsApp, seasonal promotions and other online initiatives.

Stephanie Chong

Regional Marketing Manager, Kipling Singapore & APAC Wholesale

VF Brands Pte Ltd

As the leading British colour cosmetics company, Barry M Cosmetics sought to expand within Asia in 2019. We engaged Envis8ge to increase brand awareness and reach in Singapore. Over the past 16 months, Envis8ge has been consistent in generating quality content for our social media pages, sometimes going out of the way to organise giveaways and collaborations with suitable local brands and influencers. From near-zero growth and engagement, we have a much more active Facebook and Instagram page.

Heena Dhobi

National Account Manager

Barry M Cosmetics

Since Envis8ge had taken over our social media over a period of 7 months, our Facebook fans have increased by 160%, engaged users increased by 61.1X and reach increased by 32.4X. From an inactive online presence, we are now engaging our audience actively via Facebook, Instagram, monthly email newsletters and blog articles. We’ve achieved multiple new leads through our social media channels, and built brand presence online.

Leo Chu


U China Travel


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Looking for Lead Gen?

Gain qualified in-bound leads for your business

During the first month, we achieved 13 leads at an incredible $3.03 per lead. We closed one and more than broke even, especially when we consider the lifetime value of a student! 

We are currently getting in new leads on a consistent basis and our cost per lead is around $15, excluding additional inquires by phone and direct messages.

Alethea Ler

Founder, My Chinese Steps Tuition Centre

In our first month, we received 75 new leads at $7.40 per lead! We had managed to close a deal within the first 10 days and from this deal, we had gain an ROI of many folds. 

They are precise & clear in their explanations, and absolutely transparent in their work.

Allan Lee

Marketing Manager, Stag Match Training Centre

Through the engagement of micro-influencers, we managed to get additional customers (almost 90% of customer base) and a constant presence online. After this success, we did Ad Buys on Facebook where we received 44 message inquires at $1.82 per each and converted 2 of the leads into customers.

Vivian Won

Founder, BrowStation Embroidery

Envis8ge - 8 Step Process

Many agencies tend to see Social Media as a disparate part of marketing that functions in isolation. We see Social Media as part of a holistic marketing plan with each part interdependent on each other. With Envis8ge's 8 step process, we find the best ways to use Social Media with your current marketing and operational plans. 

1. Audience Research

Dive deep into our audience persona with vital questions such as ‘What’s their emotional why?’ and ‘What’s holding them back?’. This forms the basis of any content we generate.

2. Product Research

A great product and offer has greater opportunity to scale and will make a huge difference to any Social Media campaign. We seek to understand your products and it's demand in the market.

3. Offer Research

Offers make your product look good, and attract your ideal target audiences to your Call-To-Action. A good offer can do wonders in increasing your sales and generating a higher ROI for your business. 

4. Funnel Research

The pathway in which a customer goes through can make a HUGE impact. Here we look into each step of your customer’s journey - from cold audiences to returning customers.

5. Content Strategy

Organic and Paid content both play important roles in Social Media. From determining content pillars to ad buy objectives, this phase determines the effectiveness of your Social Media campaigns

6. Integration Strategy

The best strategies don’t seek to build everything from scratch; they seek to integrate with what’s already working for you and the people in your industry.

7. Execution

All that planning had better lead to somewhere! From crafting relevant content to optimising ad buy, this is where we take tangible action to make the magic happen. 

8. Evaluation

The modern audience is fickle. What works in one season might not work for another. Through constant testing and evaluation, we dive deep into the changing trends and adapt for success.

Recommended by our Clients!

"Envis8ge has also been responsive to last minute requests, which is much appreciated in a field of many moving parts. It has been my pleasure working with Envis8ge, and I would recommend Envis8ge for social media services to fellow marketeers."

– Darryll Chua

Principal Specialist, Communications and Digital

Employment and Employability Institute (e2i)

"The working relationship with Envis8ge had been smooth and enjoyable. I would recommend Envis8ge for organisations intending to boost their social media presence in view of their professionalism."

– Paul Chong

Vice President Marketing

VSTECS (Singapore) Pte Ltd

"I want to thank Shawn and Envis8ge for the excellent work they have done for LOVE, NILS and would sincerely recommend Envis8ge for any organisation looking to develop their social media initiatives."

– Lesli Berggren



"Envis8ge has also went above and beyond by recommending new initiatives, as well as providing dedicated support during the turbulent COVID period. For companies who are looking into social media marketing, I would recommend Envis8ge."

– Chong Huang

Operations Manager

Confirm Trading (S) Pte Ltd

Envis8ge Pte Ltd

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