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Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant

Famed for their critically acclaimed tapas and traditionally made Spanish fare like the Paella Valencia, Don Quijote offers an extensive Spanish menu including some eighty food items that range from tapas to savoury soups, fresh seafood to salads, delectable pastas and very succulent meats that go into home-made stews and steaks.

Our Work

We’ve managed Don Quijote’s Facebook and Instagram profiles for 4 years. Sumptuous food images to tempt the tastebuds form the basis of Don Quijote’s social media strategy. For Don Quijote, food images draw the most engagement, and possibly the most in-store traffic.

Working with influencers for food reviews and conducting contest/giveaways gave Don Quijote greater exposure to foodies in Singapore.

Our Results

Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant saw a 5.4X increase in average daily engagement and 17% increase in total fans after 4 months. It’s influencer tasting session saw great reviews and provided Don Quijote with additional online footprints to build trust in its consumers.

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