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Studio Singapore is an Apple Premium Reseller in Singapore and we breathe and live Apple.

iStudio believes that the True Service Experience comes from the core of Empowerment. Through our wide range of renowned brands, iStudio empowers digital technology consumers with the choice of purchase to suit their day-to-day consumption.

Our Work

iStudio started off with a minimal fan base on Facebook and relatively inexperienced in social media outreach. We worked with iStudio through a series of campaigns, such as the iStudio Golden Christmas campaign, Top Fan’s awards, Valentine’s Day campaign and iStudio Academy course registration.

Various campaigns such as Golden Christmas Campaign which led to 500% increase in ‘Likes’ and 10X increase in Post Views and Post Feedbacks. Overall, we achieved a greater fan base and engagement for iStudio.

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2) Personalised recommendations to improve your Social Media presence and/or online sales 

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