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Using Facebook Groups for Business

Now that you’ve joined a Facebook Group or set up one related to your niche, what’s next? How do you utilise the Group for your business?


Here’s some great ways you can use Facebook Groups for your business.

1)    Contribute valuable tips/content – Representing brand, you’ll want to be seen as an authority in your niche. Share about recent trends, latest updates and even hacks that’ll be useful for your audiences. You’ll be recognised as someone who knows his/her stuff in no time.

2)    Read and comment – It’s not just about you in the Group, it’s about the community. Read posts put up by others and leave a comment. Encourage, answer questions and leave constructive feedback to build the community and your presence.

3)    Ask questions – No one knows everything, and even the greatest experts in the world have questions to ask. If you’re unsure or if you’ll like to get feedback, just ask away. You’ll bring out the more ‘human’ side of you!

4)    Subtly promote your brand – With Group posts and comments, you can easily slip in references to your work experience or brand every once in a while.

In any Facebook Group, you’ll want conversation to flow like drool.

If you’re the Group Admin, here are some ideas you can use to generate conversation within your group.

1)    Create thematic days – Having themes for specific days helps to diversify the conversation and keep things interesting. Finance-related groups, for example, can have ‘Investment Tuesdays’ and ‘Money Goals Fridays’ to keep people sharing and talking.

2)    Share events and promotions – As the admin, you’ll have control over what gets shared in the group, even if it blatantly promotes your brand. Sometimes, it’s what the audience wants!

3)    Identify ambassadors – Chances are, you’ll have people who are more active and love you (and your brand). Feel free to contact them directly and groom them as brand ambassadors. They can assist to moderate your Group and keep conversation flowing.

4)    Always ensure there’s content – It’s your group and the onus is on you to provide content when things start to get a little quiet. Keep it interest-specific and don’t forget to provide valuable content/tips, comment, ask questions and subtly remind people of your brand now and then.


Above all, it’s important to have fun and enjoy the conversations! Your personal interest in a Group shows in your conversations.

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