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Facebook Page vs Facebook Groups 

Facebook is turning its focus away from the Newsfeed and towards Groups. Why the change? What’s the difference between Pages and Groups? Should your company set up its own group?

Let’s find out!


Why the Change?

Pressure on Facebook has been mounting over privacy concerns and it’s influence on politics. While the internet is largely a space with unregulated content, Facebook is perceived to have lost its roots as a ‘people-first’ platform.

Groups have always been present in Facebook and typically have a very community-driven culture. With new changes to the Facebook interface designed around Groups and Events, Facebook hopes to increase interactions between you and the people/topics you care about. This means more time spent on Facebook (which is good for business).


What’s the difference between Groups and Pages?

A company page is akin to a public banner. Its communication is typically B2C, and more uni-directional than bi-directional. Its info is out there for everyone to see. Groups on the other hand allow for more privacy, cross-communication and participation.

Here’s an outline of the key differences.

Pages vs Groups

Should your company set up its own Group?

Well, that really depends on your objectives and available resources.

Assuming you have the resources, here’s what a Group can do for your company:

1)    Be seen as an authority – Although you’re ceding control to the Group members in terms of communication, setting up the group gives you a certain level of authority. If you’re a frequent contributor to the Group, people will see you (and your brand) as a figure of authority in the field. 

2)    Generate conversation – Your customers and potential customers love your brand. Now, give them a space to talk about it! Groups are a great way to get feedback, and find out what your fans are looking for.

3)    Keep at top-of-mind – If someone is interested in a topic, chances are that conversations within the group will appear on the newsfeed more often. This keeps your brand at the top-of-mind.

Alternatively, you can also choose to join Groups with your personal profile. Each Group has their own House Rules, so don’t forget to play by them!

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