Facebook Messenger – an underrated tool

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Facebook Messenger is an underrated tool which many businesses are yet to use effectively. Facebook itself has recognised the importance and rising popularity of Facebook Messenger, and has placed much more attention to FB messenger.

With the help of 3rd party chatbot tools, FB messenger can be a force to be reckoned with! Here’re some ways you can utilise FB messenger.

1.      Engaging with your audiences

FB messenger is a popular place for queries on your business. From opening hours to questions on products, it’s really easy for your customers to find you on FB and drop you a message. Checking your brand’s FB messenger on a daily basis is a simple task. Pay attention to your notifications so you’ll never miss a sale.

2.      Give immediate attention

FB messenger has a built-in autoresponder which can respond to your customer’s queries. Use this to reduce manpower load and give your customers a quick answer by crafting pre-set questions and answers.

 All your customer needs to do is to click on a pre-set question and your answer will pop up immediately.

3.      Schedule appointments

With 3rd party apps (and also part of new FB messenger feature that’s rolling out), you can even schedule appointments, reservations etc directly from FB messenger itself. As a busy business owner, you can focus your attention on potential customers who have already expressed an intent by scheduling an appointment.

4.      Finding out what your customer wants

By leading your customer through a series of questions, you can recommend your customers to specific products and even conduct surveys directly on FB messenger. Finding out exactly what your customer needs or wants is a great way to increase conversion.

5.      Send out information

With a list of audiences, you can send out valuable information to keep them engaged. Upcoming events, promotions and useful content will help to keep your audiences coming back for more.

Facebook Messengers are playing an increasingly greater role in customer relations and sales. While initially developed as a simple method of direct communication, FB messenger (along with accompanying apps) can play a large role in developing your business. 

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