Case Study: Increase Social Stats with Coordinated Visuals

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Coordinating visuals on your social platforms can seem like a hassle. But it pays off!

Working with a tour agency based in China, we worked towards a coordinated brand visual for its audience. The visuals are specifically targeted at an audience that loves to travel, and are relatively unfamiliar with China.

Here’s what their Instagram feed looked like before coordination of visuals.

instagram visual coordination social media agency singapore envis8ge


Here’s what it looks like after:

social media agency singapore envis8ge instagram visual coordination

Notice the differences? While scenery images continue to play a significant part of the feed, the addition of ‘people’ images helps to make China come alive in the minds of its audience. Also, the colour scheme has been muted to invoke wanderlust. A simple filter was created to achieve this effect. We try to show the simple moments in the lives of China – a monk sweeping the floor, a girl’s smile, raindrops falling off roof tops.

With the changes, we saw a 33% increase in average post likes, and 2X increase in average comments per post. Engagement rate increased from 1.67% to 2.25%. Monthly fan growth increased by 2X. No budget was allocated for boosting of posts or buying of likes

A simple change in aesthetics can lead to great payoffs. Find out what content your audience would love, and be consistent. Your fans will come, along with engagement, reach and eventually, sales.

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