Choosing Social Media Campaign Objectives

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In any social media campaign, there can be 3 main types of social media campaign objectives. These are:

  • Sales
  • Brand Building
  • Customer Experience

Let’s go through each of the objectives and examples of how you can track them.


Sales objectives are probably the most straightforward of the lot. With a direct measurement on revenue, you can easily calculate your ROI.

Here are some examples of how you can track them:

– Completed purchases on website ecommerce store

– Promo codes claimed

– Purchases from new customers

– Purchases from returning customers

– Percentage of ‘Purchase’ over ‘Add to cart’ conversions

– Number of leads generated

– Increase in offline purchases

Brand Building

Brand building is an essential part of your marketing efforts, contributing indirectly to your sales. Brand building helps to instil trust and keep your brand at the top of audience’s mind.

Here are some examples of how you can track them:

– Post reach, engagement and engagement rate

– Brand sentiment

– Reach of influencer/sponsored posts

– Hashtags and posts from user generated content

– Attendance for offline events

– Increase in offline traffic

– Blog website traffic

Customer Experience

Customer experience has become an integral part of sales system and social media’s role in good customer experience has increased over time. It’s in every brand’s benefit to improve on the speed and quality of service provided.

Here are some examples of how you can track them:

– Response rate to queries

– Customer service ratings

– Customer service related Reviews

– Brand sentiment

– Frequency and speed of comments

Each social media campaign is different and would require different tracking metrics. Find one that best suits your business objectives and sales funnel. 

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