Which Social Media Platform should I use for my Business?

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So many platforms, so little time!

Through our years working with clients in social media, we’ve seen some clients trying to take on every single social media platform there is.

The thing is, it doesn’t work. There’re so many platforms available, but so little time. You’ll want to strategise your resources. It’s better to specialise in 1-2 social media platforms that are the most relevant, and expand from there.

Here are the major social media players currently in trend, and the prevalent culture for each:

1) Facebook – Currently the social media platform with the largest number of users, Facebook is usually a brand’s de-facto social media platform, as you can create a wide variety of content types, to reach a wide range of audiences. Facebook’s ad targeting allows you to reach very specific audiences in and out of Facebook, and is a great tool for paid search.

2) Instagram – Also under the Facebook group, Instagram has a greater focus on visual images and videos compared to Facebook. Visual aesthetics is vital on Instagram, and it’s a great place for products and services that can create content with consistent themes that are aesthetically pleasing. Instagram is a good place to share videos and live events via Stories, but less useful to share news/articles.

3) Twitter – Twitter is the place for up-to-date information. Users on this platform love fast news and are on top of what’s happening around the world. This platform is great for brands with high activity, or are looking to build a presence via thought leadership. Text-based content is the way to go.

4) LinkedIn – The go-to platform for B2B businesses. LinkedIn allows you to connect directly with many of the movers and shakers of the corporate world. LinkedIn is a great place to build brand authority and for ad targeting.

5) Youtube – For video marketing, YouTube is the place to go, particularly if you can create valuable ‘how-to’ or entertaining content for your brand. Many people search YouTube for information and entertainment, making it the 2nd largest search engine net to Google. YouTube is great when used in conjunction with other social platforms.


Ultimately, you’ll want to understand how well your products and services can be advertised on these platforms, and whether you have the resources to create consistent quality content for your audiences.

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