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10 Lead Magnet Ideas for your Sales Funnel

A Lead Magnet is a great tool for obtaining contact details of potential customers, usually an email address and/or mobile contact. This allows you to nurture your prospect by building trust and sharing more about your company and products/services.


Before starting to create a lead magnet for your business, be sure to consider what makes a good lead magnet!


Here are 10 Lead Magnet Ideas you can implement for your business today!


1) eBooks

One of the oldest forms of lead magnets that are still as effective today! As eBook is typically a in PDF format, containing valuable information which your audiences can use. An eBook can contain useful tips and how-to knowledge to empower your audiences.


2) Templates

From effective email scripts to attractive PowerPoint templates, templates provide your audiences with a foundation to build from. A good templates saves your prospects’ time and provides useful angles to approach the matter in question.


3) Webinars

Webinars can be live or automated. Live webinars allows for interaction and thus better relationship building opportunities. Automated webinars help you save time while delivering content and building trust along the way.


4) Course Sample

If you’re selling courses, giving your prospects a glimpse of what to expect can be a powerful way to convert them into customers. This can be Lesson 1 of your entire course, or a preview of a hot topic. People generally buy what they are familiar with, and course samples help remove the uncertainty of what to expect.


5) Surveys and Quizzes

From personality tests to finding your strengths, surveys and quizzes are a useful way to tap on the natural human curiosity. Surveys and quizzes can be used to strengthen your services provided down the line, and even as statistical evidence to prove your point!

6) Free Trials

Whether it’s limited-time to forever-free, trials give your audiences the opportunity to discover if your products and services are suitable for them. Limited-time trials typically allow your users premium access of the full services for a number of days, whereas forever-free trials limit the functions/capabilities accessible by your users.

7) Case Studies

Case studies are effective ways to show your prospects that your products/services work. If you’ve provided great results for other customers, you can do the same for them too!


8) Training Videos

Training videos provide less interaction compared to webinars, but allow your prospects to have a reference to look back to in times of need. A downloadable training video or website link might be passed around your prospects, giving you greater opportunities for conversion.


9) Cheat Sheet

A fuss-free and concise guide to help your prosects get started. Cheat sheets are much appreciated in our time-scarce world, as they go straight to the point to help you get something done.


10) Resource List

All the tools you need on a single piece of paper! Resource lists are a great resource as it cuts down much of the work done by introducing the most valuable (and maybe free) tools that your prospects can use.

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